The Higher Polytechnic College of Karaganda and contributors from the GeKaVoc consortium as well as from the Erasmus+ KAZDUAL project organised a comprehensive conference on ‘Competence-Centers for Development of Dual Professional and Academic Education’ with regard to VET and Higher Education. The National Chamber of Commerce ATAMEKEN was involved too.

We were invited to participate marking the kick-off of our networking and co-operation with the partners from KAZDUAL, initiated by the DHBW (Cooperative State University of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Heilbronn) and Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg, both from Germany.

Mirko Savic (University Novi Sad, Serbia) took the chance to present our Erasmus+ DIARKAZ project and Ursula Göz (DHBW Heilbronn, Germany) added a greeting address emphasising the synergetic effects of exchange and collaboration.

On the first day, the presentations and discussions were interpreted, enabling Western Europeans to get many impressions about the current state of reforms in secondary and tertiary education in Kazakhstan. The second day was dedicated to show the state of the art of ‘Competence-focused Education’ in cooperation with the corporate sector. All together, it seems to be important to foster the strengths of the Kazakh education system in it’s transition towards the European education framework. It became apparent that Life Long learning is a worldwide challenge which can be met by establishing Dual Education concepts.

The participating DIARKAZ partners could take away information on various practise examples related to our goals in the field of Dual Study courses. Certainly, this will promote the progress of both Erasmus+ projects.

We are very much looking forward to staying connected with KAZDUAL partners for the sake of establishing Dual Education in VET and Higher Education  in Kazakhstan.


Impressions from the GeKaVoc and KAZDUAL online Transfer-Conference

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