Representatives of University of Žilina in cooperation with colleagues from Nazarbayev University, Satbayev University and Zhangir Khan West Kazakhstan Agrarian-Technical Universities organized the 5-days workshop on ACeSYRI: Modern Experience for PhD students and Young Researchers. This workshop was held on November 14-18, 2022. The platform on MS Team was used for online communication. The workshop was organized in accordance with WP 4.2. “International support of ACeSYRI.

This ACeSYRI workshop is organized as an extra event of the workshop on Reliability Engineering and Computational Intelligence (RECI 2022). RECI 2022 provides a forum for presentation and discussion of scientific contributions covering the theories and methods in the field of informatics, reliability and Artificial Intelligence, and their application to a wide range of industrial, civil and social sectors and problem areas. The ACeSYRI workshop is open workshop. It is intended for PhD students, young researchers, their scientific advisors, and educators from different countries. The main goal of the workshop is to approbate presentation skills of young researchers, to establish and to expand international contacts and co-operation of young researchers from Partner Countries with potential foreign co-advisors. ACeSYRI project results have been presented at this workshop. The young researchers presented at the workshop with their lectures about their scientific research. We sure that this workshop will be useful for the establishment and expansion of international contacts and the cooperation of young researchers.

The ACeSYRI workshop program is divided into three essential parts. The first part contents three Plenary sections. Three presentations of well-known researchers were selected for these Plenary sections:

  • Expressive Cardinal Direction Representation and Reasoning by prof. Ah-Lian Kor (Leeds Beckett University, UK);
  • Reliability: the Contribution of Computational Intelligence to Maintenance by prof. Piero Baraldi (Politecnico di Milano, Italy);
  • Reliability Evaluation of Multi-State Systems with Multi-State Components using the Survival Signature by prof. Frank P.A. Coolen (Durham University, UK).

The second part of the ACeSYRI workshop consists of five regular Sections that cover numerous aspects of Informatics. Thirty-four presentations of researchers from Armenia, Argentine, Austria, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Italy, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA, etc. were presented in this part. These researchers presented their own achievements in Computational Intelligence and Its Applications, Reliability Engineering and Risk Assessment, Computational Intelligence, etc. So, modern trends in Informatics investigations were introduced for young researchers of the ACeSYRI project.

These two parts were organized as the workshop on RECI 2022 also.

The third part of the ACeSYRI workshop includes presentations of young researchers. Thirty-seven presentations of young researchers from the ACeSYRI partner organizations and other Universities were selected for this part. These presentations were recommended by members of the Program Committee of the ACeSYRI workshop. Young researchers from Kazakhstan, Moldova, Slovakia, Ukraine, etc. presented their own results in this part. Abstracts of these presentations will be published on the ACeSYRI website ( and the Book of RECI and ACeSYRI Abstracts (ISBN 978-80-554-1918-3).

The full version of the best presentations will be published in the book published by Springer. This book will be registered at well-known research repositories Web of Science and Scopus. Some papers of young researchers will be recommended for publication in the open-access Central European RESearch (CERES) Journal. The ACeSYRI workshop program is available on the ACeSYRI website too.

We are sure that participation in the ACeSYRI workshop increased the potential of young researchers from European and Kazakhstan Universities. We are going to continue this workshop in the future.

The Second International Workshop on ACeSYRI: Modern Experience for PhD students and Young Researchers

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