Admission to the international scholarship “Bolashak” has begun. Important information:
✅ On May 4, the acceptance of documents for the competitive selection for 2021 began.
✅ Acceptance of documents will last until October 28.
✅ Competitive selection will be held from June to November in 3 streams (June, August, November). In other words, candidates who start their studies in August should submit their documents in May and apply for the competitive selection in June.
✅ The main requirement for candidates is to provide an unconditional letter of invitation from the institution included in the list of universities in the specialty included in the list of priority specialties.
✅ Indicator of state linguistics Presentation of at least B1 certificate of Kaztest.
✅ Basic guiding documents⬇
‼ Rules for selection of candidates for the Bolashak International Scholarship
‼ List of priority specialties for 2021
‼ List of universities for 2021-2023
If you are interested, please contact us:
Ainur Karbozova
President CMP Bolashak
M: +7 701 512 7878
If you have additional questions, please contact the International Cooperation Department.

Admission to the international scholarship “Bolashak” has begun.

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