On March 5, an online meeting of the members of the Steering Committee of the project was held, the main issues of which were: the results of a survey of industrial companies in Kazakhstan, the development of a dual training program in the IAR, the purchase of equipment, etc.

The Kazakh partners received 25 results of the survey of employers, which was aimed at identifying the needs of companies in personnel, the necessary skills and competencies of graduates of couples and the willingness of enterprises to cooperate with universities in the implementation of dual education. At the moment, the analysis of the conducted research is being carried out.

Professor H. Hohrinner carried out an examination of educational programs for dual education in the IAR of Kazakhstani universities, but the schedule of the educational process is still being discussed in detail with partner enterprises.

In the near future, it is planned to hold meetings between FHJ, DHBW, UNS and each academic partner and partner enterprise separately to discuss the role of companies.

Online meeting of the DIARKAZ Steering Committee members

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