The survey was attended by 4 major representatives of the Western region of organizations – employers (Uralsk Transformer Plant LLP, Ural Mechanical Plant LLP, West Kazakhstan Machine Building Company JSC, Glass Service LLP).
A questionnaire survey of representatives of employer organizations showed the following:
– lack of qualified personnel in the field of automation and robotics (90%)
– increase in staff in the automation and robotics sector (20%)
– training of accepted young specialists in the field of automation and robotics at work (10%)
– Zhangir Khan WKATU (100%) Feedback and forward.
– participation in practical training of future specialists, providing them with jobs (30%)
– alumni communication availability (80%)
Efficient student learning:
– improve theoretical training (at university) 50% and practical training at work 50%
The main tasks that a specialist in the field of automation and robotics has to perform:
– TB compliance and production culture;
– quality and efficient execution of work;
– self-development.
All enterprises have CNC equipment.
Employers have noted personal qualities of the student for the enterprise and successful work:
1. Aspiration to work qualitatively;
2. Discipline and responsibility;
3. Aspiration to understand and study a profession.
As a wish, the enterprise expressed its desire to accept together with Zhangir Khan ZKATU to develop and implement new scientific projects and are interested in our graduates.

The working group of Zhangir Khan WKATU conducted a survey in accordance with the action plan of Erasmus+ project “Dual Education for Industrial Automation and Robotics in Kazakhstan / DIARKAZ”.

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